At the end of May, with the death of George Floyd in police custody and the outrage that spread with the video of the encounter, the country saw a movement for social change unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Protests and counter protests were the physical, bodily responses to this moment, and social media became a hub of organizing and activism. Many of us are rethinking the roles that our institutions, systems, and organizations can and should play. We need Changemakers to step up and help us redefine those roles in a way that actively affirms our commitment to making E truly stand for Everyone.

"I think this is the perfect time [for innovation] because we need new voices, we need different voices... and we need creative solutions. It might be something where my experience has me looking at a problem in a specific way, whereas someone new... might come up with a unique perspective that marries with my experience."

- Coach Charles Sutton

Charles Sutton

Charles is library administrator at Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library and an education Doctoral student at USI. He has given talks on what it means to be a “maker,” and he looks forward to helping people in our community harness their everyday thoughts, actions, and innovations to become more intentional Changemakers. 

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Community Submissions for Social Change

As innovators submit ideas related to social change, we’ll post them here! 


Accessible Gathering Place

Kaitlin is seeking to develop an accessible gathering place in the community where people from all backgrounds can come together to learn, explore, connect, and have fun.

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