Like much of the rest of the country, the Evansville community has faced significant challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. As the pandemic continues to spread, we’re looking for new, practical ways to keep our community safe and healthy. And while medical expertise is crucial, these solutions don’t have to come from healthcare professionals to make a positive difference in our community. 

"I really see Evansville as having the potential to be a model. I think we have such creative people, not only people that are talented and smart but also that are friendly and collaborative... I'd really like to see us do something unique and cool that the rest of the country and the world might want to emulate."

- Coach Kara Garcia

Kara Garcia

Kara is an Evansville native with a passion for finding practical solutions that improve the health of our community. She is a faculty member at the IU School of Medicine in Evansville and serves as the region’s Navigator for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. 

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Community Submissions for COVID-19

As innovators submit ideas related to COVID-19, we’ll post them here!