Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the prize?

Well that’s the thing. There’s not just one prize! Our coaches will be connecting the ideas you submit with partner organizations that express interest, trying to win their support and resources to enact that idea. But each organization will be looking for something different, and each will have a different budget. For example, Elevate Ventures has said they can commit up to $20,000 per idea to any project they deem worthy. But it’s up to the community to come up with those winning ideas. 

How many winners will the Challenge have? 

The sky’s the limit! We’re not putting a cap on innovation this year. If there’s only one great idea, that one will be ‘the winner’. If there are 15, then we’ll have a lot of winners to announce at our final show! It all depends on the ideas YOU submit! 

How do I give feedback and/or suggest connections for an innovation I like? 

Use the “leave a reply” section underneath each pitch on our website to leave comments if you have questions, thoughts on how an idea could be improved, or suggestions of business/organizations who might be interested in supporting an idea. 

Note: You’re welcome to comment on the videos on Facebook or YouTube, too, but we can only guarantee that our coaches will be keeping an eye on the comments on our website.

What do the coaches do?

Our three amazing coaches – Kara Garcia, Eric Steele, and Charles Sutton – have two main jobs. First, they’ll be reviewing all of the submissions we receive, combining the community’s feedback with their own expertise to filter through the idea pool. They’ll identify which ideas have the most community support and show the most promise.

Second, the coaches will facilitate the partnering process between these ideas and local organizations. They’ll listen to the community’s suggestions on how/where to make an idea thrive. They’ll help an innovator tweak their pitch to make it more valuable to a potential partner. They’ll coordinate conversations between innovators and the partner organization(s) that can make that idea a reality.

How will I know if my idea is moving forward? 

After Stage II – Connecting ends on August 9th, our coaches will work behind the scenes with innovators to partner the community’s ideas with local resources and support. On or before August 14th, all participants will be notified via email whether or not their idea is moving forward in the matchmaking stage. 

My idea made it to the matchmaking round! What should I expect next?

Because of the pandemic, this round will take place entirely digitally. Expect to participate in several Zoom calls with the coaches and organizations interested in supporting your idea. These calls will be recorded for use in our final show on WNIN on August 23rd. 

I don’t have a Changemaking idea. Can I still be involved in the Community Changemaker Challenge?

Absolutely! The success of this year’s challenge depends on the whole community, not just idea generators. Here’s what you can do: 

      • Help our coaches make connections. Comment on the ideas with questions, suggestions for improvements, or the names of organizations that might be interested in partnering with them 
      • If you’re a business owner or are otherwise interested in partnering with any of the ideas you see (or know someone who might be!), let us know!
      • Follow us on social media
      • Spread the word about the Challenge! Get all your friends, family, and fellow community members involved!

Update (8/6/20): Wasn’t there something about voting?

Yep, but we got rid of it. When we planned this challenge, we wanted to use votes to easily gauge which ideas were the community’s favorites. But there weren’t enough submissions to make this extra step worthwhile. Now, we’re most interested in the community’s feedback and  suggestions for connections. But feel free to like the videos on YouTube, too!