Accessible Gathering Place

Kaitlin is seeking to develop an accessible gathering place in the community where people from all backgrounds can come together to learn, explore, connect, and have fun. 

If you have a suggestion for a potential partner for this innovation, comment below! 

If you are an organization or other resource interested in partnering with this innovation, fill out this form to let us know

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  1. Coach Charles

    An accessible gathering place where people from all backgrounds and abilities are welcome to socialize, explore, connect, learn and have fun. What are your suggestions for this innovation? -Coach Charles

  2. Andrea

    This is a great idea to increase opportunities to gather for people wanting to connect and learn- any particular topics or activities such as games, music, locations etc you are hopeful to do? Or rather simply hanging out and meeting people with a carry in dish? Also, do you have preference of it becoming something you would want to have standing date at changing locations across town or an actual brick and motor place with its own utility bills and maintenance?

    Regardless of any of the answers to the above- Please join and share your interest on our Facebook group page:
    What Matters Most? Evansville

    We are also searching for spaces and would love to collaborate, share and maybe even work together creating one! Also, I think many of the members would be interested in supporting, bringing entertainment/art/speakers or connecting you with someone. Keep me posted on your hopes and goals so I can best try and connect you!

    1. Kaitlin Thompson

      I look forward to connecting as the Changemaker Challenge moves forward!

  3. Janice Jillson

    I think the Washington Square, Mall would be the perfect area. There are currently a lot of open spaces in there and also medical buildings which could always move elsewhere. Parking is abundant. It’s located near a lot of other attractions including the bowling alley across the street. Good luck with finding the perfect spot and let me know how I can help!

    1. Kaitlin Thompson

      Thanks for this suggestion! I will look into this location.

  4. Kaitlin Thompson

    Thank you for for the comments so far! Please keep them coming.

  5. Karen

    What a wonderful initiative. I hope it has much success!


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