About the Community Changemaker Challenge

In the summer of 2019, the University of Evansville’s Center for Innovation & Change teamed up with WNIN to launch Evansville’s first ever Community Changemaker Challenge. Teams submitted pitches for ideas to “Make Evansville More Fun and Exciting!” If the idea made it past a first round of judging, teams had the opportunity to pitch to a group of potential investors. Four finalists competed for a share of $15,000 in funding. Check out the 2019 recap to learn more about last year’s challenge and watch the final competition. 

But this is

We probably don’t need to tell you twice, but 2020 called for something a little different. This year, we’ve adapted the Community Changemaker Challenge in a few key ways:

For one thing...

The whole challenge is online. We’re social distancing, submitting pitches on YouTube and hosting meetings with videoconferences. 

But, more importantly...

We’re offering more than prize money to Challenge participants. When planning this year’s challenge, we reconnected with last year’s finalists, and their stories told us that our community has so much more to contribute to innovators than just a cash prize.

The things that really mattered were...

Networks of people who know how to get things done,

Organizational structure and support,

Industry expertise to navigate the inevitable regulations and red tape,

And yes, funding too.

So, in short...

Even the best ideas need partners, resources, and support to really thrive. By focusing on building partnerships, we’re hoping to create a more sustainable and effective model for enacting positive change in our community.